The Sea Forager, Kirk Lombard, shows us how to sustainably forage and eat wild animals found on the Northern California coast. For NPR.

Nutritionist and expert forager Debbie Naha makes wild dandelion fritters and a dandelion smoothie in Newport, PA. For NPR.

Biologist and expert forager Nick Spero leads a wild edible walk in Pylesville, MD. For NPR

Eastern hellbenders live throughout the Appalachian region in the United States. Their ancestors have been on earth for around 160 million years, but in the last several decades their numbers have dropped dangerously in several states, primarily due to habitat destruction. For NPR.

Did you know the Smithsonian's museum support center is home to the largest collection of whale bones EVER? Madeline Sofia from Joe's Big Idea takes a tour, talks whale bones and what they can teach us, with paleobiologist Nick Pyenson.

The 2017 total solar eclipse made its way from Oregon to South Carolina. Fourteen states were in the path of total darkness -- the first time a total eclipse covered such a wide swath of America since 1918. Shot in Kansas for NPR.

A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of Julia, a new Muppet with autism coming to life on Sesame Street.

Masa Fest at Rockaway Beach for Masienda.